Home Additions & Expansions

After exterior photo of finalized home addition

After exterior photo of finalized home addition in Coral Gables

Adding a home addition to your property is the best way to increase your current living space, comfort and home’s value. You may not have foreseen the need for increased living space, entertaining space or storage space when you first purchased your home. Home addition costs can also be far less than the cost & hassle of selling your home to purchase a larger one.

Your home addition ideas may range from a simple expansion for an extended family room to a home addition or detached guest house requiring a concrete foundation, tie beams and roof / truss expansion.

Everyone’s need for expanding the living space in their home is different and Rausa Builders, Corp is the right General Contractor for the job! Contact us for a free estimate in the home addition construction & planning process. From residential blue prints to complete development, we work hard to accommodate our client’s needs.

Experienced Home Addition Contractors

Rear home addition in Miami

Rear home addition in Miami during building process

Rausa Builders, Corp is a home addition contractor with the knowledge of local building codes to avoid common obstacles found when building a home addition. Our experience with the building methods found in older Miami homes and the relationships we’ve developed with architects, engineers and material suppliers can prove valuable to home owners considering a residential / home addition.

We tend to the ideas of homeowners to grow their homes to their expectations. Whether you are in need of a home addition or guest house due to a growing family or just in need of entertaining space, Rausa Builders, Corp is here to walk you through the process and planning. From design to development we have worked hand in hand with owners in fulfilling their every need for their home addition construction. Our construction team consisting of home addition contractors & residential architects are ready to implement your home addition ideas, click here to contact us for a free estimate.

Home Addition Costs in Miami-Dade County

The cost of building a home addition in Miami-Dade can range from $125 – $200+ per sq. ft. and is heavily affected by the features/materials of the home addition, as well as the city or municipality in which the home resides.

How Features & Materials Affect Cost

Master bedroom addition in Miami Shores with backyard remodeling

Master bedroom addition in Miami Shores with backyard remodeling

Aside from the size of the home addition, utilities such as electrical, plumbing and air conditioning are the next big factors affecting costs. The amount of electrical work required can vary from adding light fixtures & outlets to upgrading the service panel in order to support the home addition’s power consumption. Re-routing existing plumbing or installing new plumbing for bathrooms and laundry rooms will also increase the cost of a home addition. The living space will also require air conditioning & heating, which can often be resolved with an A/C wall unit or mini-split system, but can also require upgrading the existing HVAC to support the new living space.

The wide range of materials available when creating a home addition can also affect cost. Floor tile for example, can double in price from ceramic to porcelain. The style & brand of light fixtures and plumbing fixtures varies from “contractor grade” to designer products.

How Cities & Municipalities Affect Cost

All cities and municipalities require property owners to follow local building codes. Some may not even allow to build a home addition due to the property setbacks. The setbacks are a designated area around a structure where building is prohibited for a number of reasons, including safety and environmental concerns.

Landscape preservationtree preservation and architectural uniformity are the most common reasons for increased costs due to local regulations. Environmental mitigation may be required to offset environmental impact of a home addition and the requirements vary in different cities and municipalities.

Limited Space? Build Up!

A second floor addition is also common in Miami, especially if your property has limited building space. A common design practice in building a second floor addition is to start by duplicating the first floor an eliminating none essential areas. For example, you will not need a second kitchen upstairs so it can be replaced by a room on the second floor. By duplicating the area of the first floor bathrooms you also ensure that main utilities that run to them will be aligned from one floor to the next.

A Home Addition Can Add Property Value

A properly constructed home addition or guest house not only adds livable area to your home but can also increase your property value and possibly bring in additional income as a small rental apartment! The most common home additions are a new bedroom, bathroom and family room or the equivalent of 1500 sq. ft. depending on the size of the rooms.

Common Reasons For Home Additions

  • Guest House / Efficiency Apartment
  • In-Law Quarters
  • Caring For Elderly Family
  • Additional Bedroom
  • Family Room
  • Playroom
  • Home Office or Study
  • Kitchen Utility Room Expansion
  • Dining Room & Entertaining Room
  • Home Cinema / Entertainment
  • Increase Your Home’s Value!

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