Category: Living Space Expansion

Bathroom & Family Room Addition

This is a current home addition we are building and nearing the final stages of construction. The original residence is an older Coral Gables home with limited entertaining space so the owner contracted Rausa Builders, Corp for the best possible solution to expanding their family room and adding an additional bathroom. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate and advice on your home addition, call us today at 305-554-5711.

Addition Construction on Occupied Residence

We built this residential addition while the homeowners still resided in their home. All rear sliding glass doors were sealed to avoid construction debris from getting inside. Light demolition was required to eliminate part of the original residential structure then the load bearing columns and exterior block walls were raised. The roof trusses and plywood were installed, we then filled and poured the concrete foundation. This addition added a large living room, a master bedroom & master bathroom to the home.