Addition Construction on Occupied Residence

After photo of completed home adition in Miami

We built this residential addition while the homeowners still resided in their home. All rear sliding glass doors were sealed to avoid construction debris from getting inside. Light demolition was required to eliminate part of the original residential structure then the load bearing columns and exterior block walls were raised. The roof trusses and plywood were installed, we then filled and poured the concrete foundation. This addition added a large living room, a master bedroom & master bathroom to the home.

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Rausa Builders was my contractor on a large addition project to my home. In dealing with Mr. Hernandez (the owner of Rausa Builders) throughout the duration of my project, Mr. Hernandez always demonstrated exceptional detail and professionalism in his work. Mr. Hernandez is very patient, knowledgeable and he always took the time to explain to me each step of the construction process. His crew was also honest and respectful which is a big plus. As a plus, he is fair when pricing out his work. Mr. Hernandez can share our story with you on how sometimes trying to save a few bucks can turn into a nightmare. If he does share the story and, you still have doubts, feel free to ask him for my contact info so I can verify what “cutting corners” can sometimes turn out to be. I am confident that no matter what job you contract Rausa Builders to do you will be happy with their work and their service.
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