2 Car Garage Converted to Bedroom, Bathroom & Laundry Room

Below are photos of another garage conversion idea brought to reality by Rausa Builders Corp. This 2 car garage was mostly used for storage and laundry before it was converted to an additional bedroom with it’s own bathroom and side entry to the house. The additional entry creates a mud room for rainy days and is a convenient entrance for the family after sporting practices because the laundry room’s right there!

It’s possible to add 400 sq ft of living space to your home for less than $50k, contact us today!

Bathroom & Family Room Addition

This is a current home addition we are building and nearing the final stages of construction. The original residence is an older Coral Gables home with limited entertaining space so the owner contracted Rausa Builders, Corp for the best possible solution to expanding their family room and adding an additional bathroom. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate and advice on your home addition, call us today at 305-554-5711.

Covered Patio Addition

Before & after photos of a newly constructed covered patio addition, adding 500 sq ft of outdoor entertaining space to this home in the Kendall area of Miami-Dade County. The pitch and roof tile of the covered patio addition match with the pitch and roof tile of the original structure, making hard to imagine the home without the patio.

The floor of the covered patio addition is made of pavers. The dining room window was turned into double doors for easy patio access. An L-Shaped bar was installed with a granite countertop and undermount sink.

Addition Construction on Occupied Residence

We built this residential addition while the homeowners still resided in their home. All rear sliding glass doors were sealed to avoid construction debris from getting inside. Light demolition was required to eliminate part of the original residential structure then the load bearing columns and exterior block walls were raised. The roof trusses and plywood were installed, we then filled and poured the concrete foundation. This addition added a large living room, a master bedroom & master bathroom to the home.

South Miami Remodel & Addition

Here are before and after photos of an abandoned residence in the City of South Miami. The original owners had begun construction and had to put the site to a halt for unknown reasons. The home getting numerous violations and having an unsafe structures violation had accrued fines of over $300,000. After the new owner took over, with the efforts of Rausa Builders, we were able to mitigate the fines to $30,000 and begin construction once again.

The existing garage structure which was originally separated from the house was joined with an addition in between two main residences. This new addition to the home became the large kitchen to the house with a breakfast area. The garage was converted into half garage and half Master Room addition and bath suite. All the interior walls were from 4″ concrete block which made running new electrical and plumbing much more difficult.

This house was completed with a modern design in the interior and exterior. The roof is from Eagle supply which is a concrete roof tile installed with polyfoam. An addition was completed on the front section to make a grand entrance.


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